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    I have several .wav audio files which I am unable to add information to such as album, artist and such. I can add the info but when the tracks are deleted from iTunes library and then added again the info is no longer there. The only way to distinguish the individual tracks is by the song name which is also the filename. This has also happened with some .aiff audio files. This only happens happens with downloaded tracks rather than ones ripped from a cd.

    The way around this which I have used is by converting to apple lossless but I do not want to lose any quality through conversion and so I need another option.

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    Converting to Apple Lossless does not "lose any quality," (thus the name) so don't worry about it.

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    Converting to Apple Lossless does not "lose any quality," (thus the name) so don't worry about it.
    Well.....that is something we could discuss about:-).....

    What bitrate does the lossless file have?


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