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    Ripping CD's in iTunes question. Re: featured artists
    Sorry, wasn't sure how to phrase the subject. Basically I'm ripping my cd collection with iTunes but I DESPISE how, it names multiple artists on one song.

    For instance, I ripped 2pac's Greatest Hits CD and a song like California Love shows up as 2Pac ft Dr Dre as the artist. Is there a way to set it so they all go to 2pac and then the SONG is named California Love ft Dr Dre. I know you can change the album artist on multiple songs but I was hoping there was another way to go about this.

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    Information like artist, track name etc is pulled down from a central database. This is populated by the data supplied by the record companies etc. so that's what you're going to get when you rip.

    That said, if it upsets you to such a high degree, it's not much work to select the whole album, Get Info and change the artist to just one name.
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