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    Serious Audio Problem
    Hello all, all of a sudden some things happened to the audio both coming out of headphones and the built-in speakers of my MacBook that I got in August of 2010.
    I was looking to enhance the sound so I downloaded Soundflower and I think that was when the problems started happening.
    1. The sound seems distorted
    2. When I use the volume up/down buttons it doesnt make that sound it normally does.
    3. When I pause a song the sound still rings a bit in its distorted, bass-heavy tone.
    I uninstalled soundflower and any other audio changing software and it is still happening. Not really sure what to do.
    I'm running 10.6.8 and use programs like Garageband, GuitarPro, and Ableton but using one of those did not spark these problems to start happening. Thanks for all help in advance!

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    iŽd highly recommend to clean your caches as well. guess there are still pieces of the software on your system. also, search for the software name to delete it all.
    a program such as mac cleaner also helps
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    Double check that you're really not using Soundflower anymore.

    Go to Apple -> System preferences
    Click on sound
    Under output, make sure "internal speakers" is selected
    Under input, make sure "internal microphone" is selected.

    That should fix it but if it doesn't then I'm stumped

    BTW If you still see Soundflower listed anywhere on there next to internal speakers/microphone, then it's not really gone.

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