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    loops to music hd?

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    loops to music hd?
    Thanks for your advice on setting up pro tools with my macBook, people. Seems to be running fine - now I need to learn the ropes.
    One other question, though: I'm using a separate FW HD to stream my tracks to. I have a couple of disks of loops that I want to transfer to hard drive and use - should those be stored on the separate HD with the tracks or on the internal drive?
    Thanks again,

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    loops to music hd?

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    What I have is around 8gigs of loops that I keep on the internal hard drive, in case I'm away somewhere and need to throw something together with Garageband, but I keep all my ProTools session folders on the external FireWire drive.

    My suggestion would be if you have the space for your loops on the internal, go for it, I don't see anything wrong with it. What I do with ProTools is make sure that the loops get copied into the session folder so I don't just end up referencing them.

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