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    iTunes complete uninstall
    I'm new to the site and I know from other forums how annoying it is when someone posts a thread that's already been discussed, but I did a quick run through some related threads and I couldn't seem to find anything with my same problem.

    When I first setup iTunes on my MacBook in 2007, I deleted a few things that I didn't think I'd want (the default Music Videos playlist, for example) but now I'm realizing I want them back.

    I deleted iTunes then reinstalled it but it just came back exactly how it was when I deleted it. All my music and playlists were still there. Is there a way I can uninstall iTunes completely, as if it were never on my computer, then reinstall it so its brand new, with all default settings and such?

    Sorry for the long explanation. Any help would be fantastic.

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    Deleting the app won't do anything. All that data is stored in your iTunes library.

    Delete the ~/Music/iTunes/ folder and the next time you launch iTunes, you'll start over fresh.

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