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    Itunes grid view
    I put some songs from some bands in itunes. My example will be I have songs from Foo Fighters that are from four different albums. For some reason they are not under the same choice when looking at them in grid view. How can I combine songs from the same album so they show up under the same album? Kind of confusing, I know.

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    You should just be able to select the "Artist" arrangement in the Grid View...

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    Go to the list view. Then, select all the songs from the each album, and hit Get Info. Then, manually type in the name of the album again. Then, select all the songs of the artist. Manually type in the name of the artist. It should then show under a single artist or album in the grid view.

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    Ok, Ive figured that out. I bought my first ipod touch today and am messing around with it. Signed into yahoo mail, and is there a way to sign out off this? I cant figure it out.

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