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    My Music on the iTunes store

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    Dec 25, 2007
    My Music on the iTunes store
    I was wondering how someone would be able to get on to the itunes store and sell their music. I thought yo would just need an iTunes account, Paypal and then hey would just listen to it to check for quality. I hope you don't have to pay.

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    My Music on the iTunes store
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    I've never done it... You don't have to pay (although they take a distribution fee out of every song you sell)... But I think it's actually not very easy to get your song on there.
    I remember seeing a book that was like "Getting your music on Itunes" or something like that.

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    My Music on the iTunes store

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    I would much rather make a website or
    myspace for that before even trying that.

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    My Music on the iTunes store
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    Start with CD baby then they can get your songs in to itunes.

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    My Music on the iTunes store
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    Here's Apple's FAQ on the subject:

    You may also want to check this out:

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