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    Totally bummed, no Joost for PPC!
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    Angry Totally bummed, no Joost for PPC!
    One of the kind members here gave me a Joost invite, and now I find that it's for Intel only? GRRRR. Ahh, just venting, I feel better now. I now see that they are planning to release a PPC version!

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    Totally bummed, no Joost for PPC!
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    Seems sort of short sighted of them to not have made it a Universal App from the start. It's not like this is a new concept or anything.

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    Totally bummed, no Joost for PPC!
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    I am also totally bummed out about this... I have been a Joost beta tester since they like opened to the public, like when its was the venice project...

    I really want them to release a PPC version of this.
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