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    Editing .mpg files....
    Ok, here's the deal...I got a mac because I love to edit movies. I got most of my footage from transfering them from my old PC...they are all .mpg format...and they can't be changed. I got VLC and Divx (doctor too) so I can PLAY the videos on my machine....HOWEVER, when I open iMovie, it will not allow me to import the mpg files because it can't be opened in quicktime (or something like that).

    Now i usually use adobe premiere to edit (which I will be getting soon) and im also thinking about getting Final Cut Pro. Does anyone with a mac know if the same problem occurs in these programs?

    Thanks for any help...

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    ALSO I should mention that mpg files that play in VLC seem to have the wrong "time"...I mean video files that should be 11 min long are only 4 mins or so according to the player...whats up with that?

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    okay maybe im not asking the right place...can someone tell me who can answer this?

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    that forum is probably best,
    but we had this problem in my commtech, and i think we got 'round it by opening the file in quicktime and then exporting as a different format (i know .dv works, but i think it's pretty big) but if you try different formats, i'm sure you'll find something that works

    good luck

    edit: sorry, didn't realize you'd said it couldnt be opened in quicktime

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