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    Re: Video,audio Capture
    Hi Everyone: Happy New Year to all of you!

    I have been doing so well on my Mac that I haven't needed any help, but I got a 'Dazzle Hollywood DV-Bridge (Firewire) and it's working great, but am having problems getting any sound in imovie after the 'capture'

    The funny thing is that when I export the 'clip' to 'Quicktime', I get Audio and Video, but when I try to playback in
    iMovie I don't.

    When I 'import' clip from DV-Bridge I can hear the sound but, not when I play it back again. I called Technical support, went to the store where I bought my Mac, etc. and no one had an answer. Hope someone here can help...
    I would really appreciate it. Even called "AppleCare"

    Looking forward to hearing from anyone.....


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