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    Final cut pro x and go pro footage
    Hi there,
    I recently just returned from a ski trip and used my gopro. I have created a a video using final cut pro x and whilst it is good there is evidence of a judder on some shots when playing back.
    The camera is set as 1080 60fps and linear mode.

    has anybody got any preferences settings I could perhaps use for starters to see if I can improve the video. By the way on the camera it appears ok but I realise that the screen is small.

    I have told that it is best to use go pro studio first to unpack the video to to a different format ???

    Thanks Chris

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    Can you play your gopro footage with Quicktime to compare?

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    I have done that and it is the same, not as smooth as I was hoping, I used the share option and output a master file and selected the high quality option in settings

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