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    Backing up dvds with dual layer
    Just got a lacie dual layer external dvd burner, some blank dual layers, and want to back up a few of my movies. I have mactheripper and toast titanium 6, once I rip the DVD with MTR, do I just drag all the files to "data" burning on Toast? At that point I get a little lost, or do I use the video tab? I just want the burned dvd to run exactly like the regular dvd.

    Or does Toast 6 not even support dual layer burning?

    HELP I spent a lot of money on this stuff!

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    Backing up dvds with dual layer
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    In Toast 6 you do the following and it should work.

    With the VIDEO_TS folder to make a DVD-R using Toast 6

    Open Toast

    Go to the Data tab and select DVD-ROM (UDF) from the left menu

    *Very important* Hit the New Disc button on the bottom of the window!

    Give your Untitled DVD a title (or not, I just like to say what the show is - default is My Disc)

    Drag your VIDEO_TS folder into the window ** IT MUST BE NAMED VIDEO_TS TO WORK **

    You can either drag the AUDIO_TS folder in or Toast will make one for you.

    Put a blank DVD-R into your drive

    Then hit record

    Also be sure to update Toast 6 Titanium to the lastes version. I think it's 6.1.1. There are some issues that were fixed with some Dual Layer Media with the updates.

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