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    Can I LOCK imovie clips to soundtrack and insert still images?
    I am making an Imovie (imovie 10.1.1.) consisting of still images and movie clips against the soundtrack of the movie clip (a lone singer and guitar).

    I want to insert the stills and then occaisionally revert to the movie with the soundtrack running in the background.

    I have separated the soundtrack from the movie and also split the movie so that I can replace sections of it with the stills but I want to ensure that the movie clips I have included are synched to the soundtrack when they appear. If I delete the sections of the movie that I want to replace with stills - everything moves up - how can I maintain the gap or lock the section of movie I want to keep?



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    Try using iMovie's "Cutaway" feature. Restart your Project using the movie clip of the singer. Then just drop your still images on top; ie, above, the movie clip. As the movie plays, it will "cutaway" to the still image while still playing the soundtrack.

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