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    Final Cut Pro X?
    I am getting back in to video editing. I used to do some when I was in the dark ages of Windoze and haven't done very much since. I have been looking at Final Cut Pro X, but sneezed at the price of 230 ! BUT, I have found a site, '' that have it for sale for 29.99. I don't know the site and am not sure if I can post it here, but what's the catch? and is it worth it???
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    Hi John:

    If the price is too good to be true, it's likely an illegal copy or pirated copy that someone is selling. I guess it could be an older copy sold as second hand, but there really is no way to know for sure.

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    Hi Jon

    As a matter of first principle, something that retails for 230 from Apple cannot be legitimate if it's being offered at 30, no matter where it comes from.


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    I too am sure it is an older or pirated copy which means apple will not upgrade the pirated version and may not the older version. Honestly, Final Cut Pro is very reasonable when you consider all it can do but it may be more than you need. If you do not want all the powerful features it has you can use iMovie. You can also google free alternatives to Final Cut Pro. There are several out there but I have no experience with any of them. Also be very careful where you download from. The best way is to go to the developer's site.

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    If you look on the Mac App Store, there is DaVinci Resolve,, which is free and may meet your needs.
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    The only place you can get FCPX is from the Mac App Store. Anything else is pirated and will be more trouble than it's worth.

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