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    Final Cut Pro X Question
    Hey Guys

    1.Recently got Final Cut Pro X. Still learning but enjoying so far.

    I feel like at the bottom of my screen I should have a toggle type twits to zoom in or zoom out of my project. There is nothing there however. I have been doing some youtube tutorials and it appears in all the videos I see online. I feel fairly confident I just have something checked(or unchecked) that I shouldn't. Does anyone know how I get it to reappear? I can use hot keys to zoom in on my project but would like that toggle switch can anyone help.

    (Side note when say zoom I am referring to the ability to view an entire project in your timeline and than zooming in to see specific minutes/seconds)

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    If you are on FCPX 10.3 or later the previous timeline icon to zoom in/out has been moved to beneath the filmstrip icon at the upper right of the timeline. There are several ways to zoom in/out and navigate the FCPX timeline:

    - Zoom in/out via keyboard: CMD + or CMD - (timeline must have focus, so you might need to first do CMD+2 to put focus on timeline)
    - Slide timeline left/right: on Magic Mouse, just stroke your finger left/right or drag slider at bottom left/right
    - Fit timeline to screen: SHFT+Z
    - Engage zoom mode with Z key, then click on timeline. Press A to return to normal "select" mode.
    - Zoom out after zooming in with above method: OPT+click on timeline
    - Zoom to specific region of timeline: momentarily press and hold Z key while drawing box on timeline with mouse
    - If using Magic Trackpad, you can use pinch-to-zoom and other gestures to zoom in/out and slide timeline left/right

    For more info see "Final Cut Pro X: Zoom and Scroll the Timeline":

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