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    Best HD Camcorders for easy workflow?
    I've been using a Canon Vixia HV30 for a few years. It's a good quality camcorder, but I'm making the leap into professional video production and need a more robust camcorder, better quality, tapeless, more options, etc... Another important factor is importing into FCP X. I'm tired of using firewire and the lengthy time to encode footage I import.

    I've read that the JVC GY-HM150U has an incredibly easy workflow into FCP since it shoots .mov format. Some people say the quality is substandard with this camcorder though and some people despise HDV. Does anyone have thoughts on this camcorder or the Panasonic AG-HVX200A? My budget is less than $3000 but I've seen the Panasonic on sale for less. Any other suggestions are welcome!


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    I don't know about the JVC but I have worked with the Panasonic and it's awesome! We had two of them on a shoot recently. For the price, the quality and professional product + customization is untouchable. It takes some getting used to and a bit of dedication to learn the optimization but tapeless is beautiful!

    I saw it with a discount code for rythercamera online for no tax + free shipping and it was under 3000.

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    I use JVC GY-HM 100 E (150 is newer version, but the same camera with little more functions added) I must say that a better camera for FCP7 or FCPX is hard to find. This is simply drag and drop. It shoots in native mov. format, so there is no converting. Just drag and drop. I would buy this camera again to morrow if had to.

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    I am still using a canon 500d - of course it's a photocam, but it shoots perfect hd videos...have you ever thought about theses canon cameras?

    Have a great day!!!

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