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    QuickTime Player does not play my video
    I just downloaded a movie from torrent, after trying to open it, a message is shown saying "The document “movie.avi” could not be opened. The movie is not in a format that QuickTime Player understands." But the format is .avi. Is it not the default format for QuickTime Player?

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    I'm thinking that downloading a movie from a torrent...may not be something we care to discuss around here!

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    .mov and .avi files are containers for the video and audio that make up the movie. The video and audio can be produce by many various codecs. So, you can have two different .avi(or .mov) files that are produce by two different codecs. Quicktime may play one, both or none at all, depending on which codecs Quicktime recognises.

    Avi files are not the default format for Quicktime. Mov/mpeg4 files are.

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