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    mp4 jerky video / out of sync audio Quicktime

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    Jun 08, 2007
    mp4 jerky video / out of sync audio Quicktime
    I've downloaded an asf streaming video with vlc player at home and converted it to mp4. It plays fine at home (windows media player). It also plays fine at work on a Apple Tiger 10.4 with VLC Player. When I play it on Quicktime 7.6.4 however, the playback is jerky sometimes. Also the sound isn't always in sync with the images. Why is that?

    I've also tried it with two dvd's I've ripped on this Mac with 4media dvd ripper and converted to mp4 in the process. They play fine in VLC player on the Mac, but there's this jerky playback and out of sync audio.

    Other formats, like avi or mov play fine in Quicktime.

    Can someone explain why my Quicktime has trouble playing mp4 files?

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    mp4 jerky video / out of sync audio Quicktime

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    Jun 08, 2007
    I've analysed the mp4 file if it helps (see below).

    Does Quicktime 7 play mp4 files not that well as VLC Player does? Or is there another problem?

    I've installed Quicktime 7 on a Mac 10.4. With Persian and Flip4mac installed. I'm using two monitors side-by-side (if that matters).

    *** MediaInfo Mac // Plain text file report
    2011-01-25 15:58:22 +0100
    Information for File: video.mp4

    General / Container Stream # 1
    Total Video Streams for this File -> 1
    Total Audio Streams for this File -> 1
    Video Codecs Used -> AVC
    Audio Codecs Used -> AAC LC
    File Format -> MPEG-4
    Play Time -> 14mn 53s
    Total File Size -> 66.5 MiB
    Total Stream BitRate -> 625 Kbps
    Video Stream # 1
    Codec -> AVC
    Codec (Human Name) -> Advanced Video Codec
    Codec (Container Code) -> avc1
    Codec Profile -> High@L1.3
    Frame Width -> 352 pixels
    Frame Height -> 264 pixels
    Frame Rate -> 25.000 fps
    Total Frames -> 22312
    Display Aspect Ratio -> 4/3
    Interlacement -> Progressive
    Codec Settings (Summary) -> CABAC / 4 Ref Frames
    QF (like Gordian Knot) -> 0.223
    Codec Settings (CABAC) -> Yes
    Video Stream Length -> 14mn 53s 40ms
    Video Stream BitRate -> 518 Kbps
    Video Stream BitRate Mode -> VBR
    Video Stream Size -> 55.2 MiB
    Date of Original Encoding -> UTC 2011-01-20 20:18:42
    Audio Stream # 1
    Codec -> A_AAC/MPEG4/LC
    Codec (Human Name) -> AAC Low Complexity
    Codec (Container Code) -> 40
    Audio Stream Length -> 14mn 52s 922ms
    Audio Stream BitRate -> 100 Kbps
    Audio Stream BitRate Mode -> VBR
    Number of Audio Channels -> 2
    Audio Channel's Positions -> L R
    Sampling Rate -> 44.1 KHz
    Bit Depth -> 16 bits
    Audio Stream Size -> 10.7 MiB
    Date of Original Encoding -> UTC 2011-01-20 20:18:42

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