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Thread: iDVD helpppp!!

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    iDVD helpppp!!

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    iDVD helpppp!!
    Hello all,
    I want to burn a movie that is in wide screen..dunno the exact dimensions. i dont have a wide screen television, so how can i burn the movie in iDVD so that nothing is distorted or cut off or stuff like that.


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    iDVD helpppp!!

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    If the original file is widescreen, you'd setup an anamorphic 16:9 widescreen, or transcode the material so it is permanently letter boxed. Anamorphic would be a better choice as if you do playback on a widescreen TV, it should scale appropriately.

    In terms of exactly how to do that in iDVD, I'm not sure (I really don't use it, I use different products for authoring), but at least with the knowledge of anamorphic, you should be able to do a search thru the iDVD manual to find how to set it up for that.
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    iDVD helpppp!!
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    1. Open iDVD
    2. Click "Create New Project"
    3. Save it.
    4. Drag the video clip into iDVD.
    5. If you don't want a menu, click View -> Show Map. Then, arrange the video clip before the menu, click it, click Advanced -> Loop.
    6. Burn.
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