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    Quicktime - No Sound

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    Quicktime - No Sound
    Hey everybody. I downloaded Kings of Comedy from a bit torrent and when I tried to view it was not working. First, Quicktime said it didn't have the required components to play the media so go here. I went there and downloaded DivX since the file was .avi. So then the movie was playing but this time with no sound. It still gives me the notification saying that I need to download a component but I don't know which one will fix this sound problem. My choices are Xvid, Streambox, Zygo, and other third party components. I would greatly appreciate any help.


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    Quicktime - No Sound
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    Is not Kings Of Comedy a commercial movie? We do not allow discussion of any form of movie piracy here and downloading a movie like that from a Bit Torrent is piracy and against the forum rules to discuss. Sorry.

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