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    how do i connect 2 macs
    hi I am no computer guru but know a little and am fairly new to macs. My buddy and i both have macs running panther. Both connected to interent via cable modem. We live across town and wanna share there a way we can do that (not email)???

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    Well, there's always iDisk if you have a .Mac account. There are also other analogues to the iDisk out there. If you guys know each others' IP addresses, you should be able to use the Connect-to-Server function, or open up FTP access to your computers.

    What you want to do can be done, but I can't think of the specific steps you need to take right now...I don't have a Mac in front of me.

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    since youre not physically connecting your macs together, then its the same way a PC can connect to a mac.

    You can use iChat/AIM file transfers, by simply dragging said file(s) to their name on your buddy list.

    you can also use FTP access, built right into your OS by turning it on in System Preferences >> Sharing. then type ftp://theirIPaddress .. then enter Username/Password

    you can also use KDX as a server/client file sharing setup

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