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Thread: USB Keyboard Compatibility Issues with MacBook Pro

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    USB Keyboard Compatibility Issues with MacBook Pro
    I am running a 2015 MacBook Pro with macOS High Sierra, fully updated. I am trying to use an external, wired keyboard. have been using an external PC keyboard with no issues. I just switched to a model A1048 for the Mac (just cleaned with all the keys taken off and put back on) that I had laying around and am experiencing the following issues:

    1. Unless I time plugging the keyboard in at just the right time during startup, the computer acts really strange. For example, if I click on any open app that is minimized it will only maximize via the finder window which pops up automatically if I click on the app.

    2. If I am in a Microsoft Word document and try to use the external keyboard, random windows open when I click various keys. This is only if I time plugging in the USB keyboard incorrectly. I cannot just plug it in after the laptop has been on.

    3. If I time the plugin of the keyboard just right, everything works beautifully except for the spacebar key which I think is an issue that happened while cleaning it.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Have you tried any other USB keyboards to see if it is the MB Pro or the keyboard? This could be a keyboard issue. You are also using a Windows keyboard which could be causing compatibility issues. I know others who have seemed to have success using Windows keyboards but I have never tried one.

    Recommend using Onyx to clean your Mac.
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    Is the keyboard connected directly to the MBP, or through a hub?

    Have you tried either of these;
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