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Thread: High Sierra and Handbrake alternative

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    High Sierra and Handbrake alternative
    Since installing High Sierra, I suffer kernel panics often. I've been able to weed out the programs that are gumming up the works. I do a lot of video conversion but now that Handbrake doesn't work is there a free alternative that is compatible with High Sierra. I don't mind paying either so if you have a paid app reccomend that is amazing, I'll take that into consideration as well. Thanks tribe.

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    What are the specs of your Mac?

    For mine High Sierra was designed to run on SSDs TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF APPLE FILE SYSTEM.
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    I'm using Handbrake under High Sierra (10.13.5) and it is workinhg well. I'm running version 1.1.0 of Handbrake. Make sure you are running the current version.

    I have had occassional crashes but not very many at all and no more than I did under other versions of OS X. in my case the crashes seem to be related to the file I am working on. I have literally had a few files that crash Handbrake but work with other converters and some files which do not work in other converters that work with Handbrake.

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    Handbrake definitely works with macOS High Sierra.

    Have a read of this article which not only takes you through the procedure for using Handbrake with High Sierra; but discusses ways of dealing with glitches and problems if/when they occur.


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