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Thread: Messages Not Syncing Contacts on All Devices

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    Messages Not Syncing Contacts on All Devices

    Iphone X - 11.4
    Imac - High Sierra 10.13.4
    Mac Book Pro - High Sierra 10.13.4

    I have messages running on all three devices. The Iphone and Imac sync perfect, text and contact info. The Mac Book Pro seems to sync the text fine, but shows only the phone number and not the name? What may be the issue that the Mac Book is not pulling in the names on the accounts. Icloud does not seem to be updating correctly, another issue, but how is the Imac and Iphone seem to be in sync and not the Mac Pro? They seem to be sharing my Google contacts? The Mac Pro is also logged into my Google account?

    Thank you,

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    I suggest opening messages on your iMac and Macbook Pro go to Preferences -> accounts. Look at "You can be reached for messages at:" and see if they match. I had an issue on my Mac Pro and my iPhone number was not checked.

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    You may also want to sign out and then back into your google account, and maybe your iCloud account as well, on the MBP?
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    Hello Iclev and Ferrarr,

    Thank you for the suggestion. I have done both and still the same issue?

    Thank you

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