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    Hi Folks,

    Glad to see we're still here.

    I'm running the native VPN on Server so I can access my home network when I'm away. It works flawlessly except when there's an OS update waiting. I'll suddenly find my VPN is down and when I get home and check the server, there is an update waiting for a download/reboot. This is often a pain in the butt since I may be away for days and can't get home to reboot the server. Is there a way to prevent the VPN from being disabled just because there's an update waiting? Do I need to disable auto-updating somehow?

    Currently running Server on High Sierra with all but the very latest update, as it appears that is now waiting for me to reboot.


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    Try going to System Preferences -> App Store ->Uncheck "Automatically check for updates." This should stop it from automatically checking.

    You will have to remember to check on your own to keep from missing important updates. I would be curious to know if it works.

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    Thanks, Lisa. I'll give it a shot. Since my main machine is an iMac, I'll know when there's an update available and I can then apply it on the server.

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