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    Exclamation Safari 5.1.5 Find Has a Huge Functionality Bug
    When using Safari's Find command-F function, it seems to easily find a string on the page as long as the character immediately following the string is not an html open bracket.

    To see an example of this error, visit:

    Urban Dictionary: April 29, 2012

    One of the words is derezzed. Search for "der" and Safari finds an instance. Search for "zed" and it does not. A quick look at the code find that the next character is an open bracket to close the html a tag </a... I couldn't get any searches to work for letter combos that were on the page but followed in the code by a closing tag.

    Using a MacBook Pro with Lion and Safari version 5.1.5 (7534.55.3).

    Maybe I am an idiot, but this seems like a huge bug. This cost me about two hours of time today looking for strings that were on pages yet reported as not found. Firefox finds the strings in question without a problem.

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    G'day and welcome to the forums.

    It does not find the entry entering 'zed'? Amazing. Better not say anymore.
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    Hey look! There's a built-in facility for reporting bugs exactly like this!

    Screen Shot 2012-05-01 at 4.23.48 AM.png

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    Apr 30, 2012
    The other side of the tracks in Dorchester, MA
    A new 13" MacBook, not as good as the 17" one my cat killed with a well-directed Evian attack.
    Senior Member? Does this give one site benefits?

    What do you earn points allowing for condescension when you achieve your lofty senior member status? Really? A screen shot of a bug reporting tool?

    Of course I reported the bug to Apple before taking time out of my day to determine which forum might help others avoid wasting their time, as I had for a better part of yesterday.

    You see, Chas, whether it's manually searching a small number of pages for specific information or writing a quick program to analyze thousands of them, I am pretty sure I can do either in far less time it took you think up your pithy, rapier-wit one liner.

    The reason why folks like me tend to avoid forums like this? Why, Chas, it's people like you. You added absolutely no value to the discussion of the issue at hand.There are many, many people who take for granted that simple functionality like this works properly in the course of complex analysis with simple methods. Your type of smug, condescending comment helped them not at all. Ooh, but you got a chance to post a zinger and get another notch to help you achieve Super Senior Member Status or whatever dumb reward people like you use to validate your self-worth.

    Cheers back at ya, babe.


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