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    Vmware Fusion really slows MBP even with 8GB Ram
    Ok I have a MBP Mid 2010 with VMware 3.0 and Windows 7 64bit is installed in my bootcamp.

    I have set the settings to 2 processor cores and 5768gb memory. But for some reason it is very sluggish and not what I expected when I upgraded the ram.

    The OS X part is not as sluggish as the virtual machine. Should I switch to parallels? I remember I tried it on my cousins Mac but it was very confusing. What can I do to speed things up?

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    Ok I have a MBP Mid 2010 with VMware 3.0 and Windows 7 64bit is installed in my bootcamp.
    If I'm reading your post correctly, you're using your Boot Camp partition with Windows 7 as a virtual machine? In other words, you virtualized your Windows 7 partition? If that's true, then:

    1. Virtualizing a Boot Camp partition does cause slow downs.

    2. I don't believe VMWare 3 is optimized for 64 bit Windows. Upgrade to version 4.0 which is.

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