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    Unhappy Please help - Accept this as "todays challenge..."
    Please can someone point me in the right direction with regards to installing the software on my mac... ( - 2006 iMac with an Intel Core Duo processor, - Running Tiger)

    Long story short... my sister was using my mac to up-date her ipod... some where along the line she wanted to backup the music she copied across... and some how dragged the "system" file into my itunes folder.... and shut it done...

    Problem came about with the next restart... the question mark and prohibited sign at start up...

    Yesterday i used the "target disk mode" to access the hardrive from my mates mac... and backed up all the info... i also tried undoing her mistake by dragging the system folder back into the root of the hd... but no luck.

    So decided to a clean format was in order... i formatted the hd via target disk mode. So now when i switch the screen on, it is just white - nothing else.

    Now... the problem is to re-install the software... and this is where the challenge comes in! The DVD / CD-rom does not work... and i have been using an external CD drive... which it seems does not get recognised at startup... and load the installer software...

    I also tried installing via the target disk mode... but cant seem to get past the restart and white screen (holding down "c") on the host machine... it just sits there and does nothing else?

    So what are the other options... to install the operating system back on the target machine...? Is there a installer ".dmg" file i can drag and drop on the formatted drive? What is the best / easiest way to go about a reload????
    10 points for the clever person who can direct me in the correct direction!!

    Thanking you in advance...

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    To get us started helping you, Can you give us the basic specs on your Mac? Model, CPU, version of OSX.

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    So sorry about that... clearly not thinknig today!

    It is a: 2006 iMac with an Intel Core Duo processor, running Tiger 10.4

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    The point is does Tiger comes as a DVD or a double layer DVD .
    If it comes as a double layer DVD you need a DVD drive who can read a double layer DVD

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    Try installing using the "other" Mac in Target disk mode.

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