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    Snow Leopard ready for early Macbooks yet?
    Hi there

    I have an early 2006 Macbook i.e. the first intel Macbooks that came out with the 32-bit intel core duo, NOT the later 2006 ones with the 64-bit intel core 2 duo.

    I installed Snow Leopard on it when it first came out and it had awful stuttery video playback issues; video playback previously on Leopard was fine. People in various forums reported similar issues with Snow Leopard and 32-bit core duo Macs, so I downgraded back to Leopard.

    Now that Snow Leopard has reached what? 10.6.8? I was wondering if anyone knows if this issue has been addressed and if video playback works with Snow Leopard on 32-bit core duo Macs? or has anyone got a heads up on any other issues that would mean I should probably stick with Leopard. I noticed I saved some disk space upgrading to Snow Leopard. I'd like to upgrade due to some software requiring 10.6+ but not if this video issue still exists.


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    How much RAM do you have in the MacBook? I've got a service machine, same model (core duo), but with topped out RAM and have never had issues from 10.6.0. SL says in needs a minimum of 1GB or RAM but practically needs 2GB.
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    Ah thanks. I did only have 1 GB at the time, but now have 2 GB. I guess I should go for it then if you've not seen a problem.

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    Ok done the upgrade, all seems fine.

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