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    Can't retrieve item from trash in macbook pro?
    Hi, I have just switch from window to mac around 4 days a go so there alot of featue I don't know and understand. I was checking my trash (I have yet to empty it) and notice that there a file call recovery file which sounded really important so I try to recovery it but for some reason I can't since the option for pull back is dim for that file. When I go to more information, it say file westebw. I search to see what is that much have no luck.The file say that it was modify yesterday which I only remember doing so with safari with the Killall Safari in the terminal because my safari did turn off. Is thsi file important? If so how can I retreive it back. I could try to pull it to the esktop but I would have no idea where the file go and did want to leave it sitting in my desktop. Can some help. Thank you and sorry for the really and I mean really long thread. Thank you.

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    Unless your Macbook Pro is physically in a trash can, this is probably better suited for the "OS X - Operating System" forum.

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    "Recovered file"s are the result of apps crashing, undeleted caches and temporary files.
    Nothing you need to really worry about.
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    thank you and sorry for posting in the wrong place.

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