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    I hope this is the right forum for my problem....

    I have an Apple iMac with 2 users. Firefox was working perfectly OK but now works on one account only. Every time I load Firefox - the administrator - it just crashes and will not load at all.

    I think it happened after an add-on upgrade, but if I can't load it, how do I troubleshoot the problem?

    The only route I can see is to delete Firefox entirely and reinstall from scratch - but that pre-supposes the deletion gets everything AND the problem bit.

    Any input gratefully received.


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    Well, from what you've presented, there are two possibilities:
    Firefox is misbehaving
    You only have one account that isn't hosed

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    I know from own experience and from the danish that there is a problem with 10.6.x and some versions of FF. Try downgrade you browser to an older version e.g. 3.5.x. And wait to update until the bug is fixed. It is an security issue in 10.6.x not an FF problem.

    Sometimes you can actualle downgrade and upgrade to latest without experience the problem.

    You can find old version of firefox on Old Version of Firefox for Mac -


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    Open Firefox in safe mode by holding down option as you open it and uninstall the extension you think is causing the problem. Repeat until the problematic extension is removed.
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