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    Where does 'Software Update' store the downloaded packages?
    Question is all in the title really.

    Where does 'Software Update' store the downloaded packages?

    I would like to be able to copy them and retain them as stand alone installers.

    Yes I know you can go to the Apple site and download them from there, but that requires looking through them and comparing to software you have installed on your machine and working out which you need.

    Software Update does that for you and downloads the patch packages, but I cant find where it hides them before instalation. Anyone know? It is not the 'Downloads' folder so must be in a system folder somewhere

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    They're stored in /Library/Updates. But note - when the update is installed it's removed. You would have to download the updates but not install them in order to have the packages available for copying. Also note that some updates will install as soon as they're downloaded - in other words, you may not have a choice.


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    Ok thanks

    I see there is options to Download only, Install, or Install and keep.

    If you choose Download they go in the usual downloads folder.

    I am sure I did and Install and Keep, but they disappeared from the Updates folder.....I think...
    will have to do another Update when I install iWork and make certain that I do choose Install and Keep.
    I noticed a Receipts folder that gets bigger after an update, and I see packages do appear there, so it is posible that the updates get moved to there if Install and Keep is selected....any one know?

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