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    Best option for backup
    Hi everyone!

    I need your opinion on a good backup software. I have a big Lacie drive and the software it came with seemed very clumsy so I am looking for something that can do the following:

    1) Automatically copy my entire /Users folder to a folder on the Lacie drive at a specified time each morning.

    2) Must be able to move a lot of data without errors. We store all business material in /Users/Shared and it has over 10 gigs of files in it

    3) Must be easy to use and reliable

    4) Must also have the option (or some way) of burning this same data to a DVD for offsite backup

    Does this describe any backup software that you know of? What have you all had good luck with?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Have you tried to make a workflow with automator. That would make it very stable and you can customize to exact specifications.

    It may take a bit of time to get the right workflow but I pretty sure you can add timers to backup when you want to.
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