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Thread: iChat Problem

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    iChat Problem
    Is it possible to chat to someone on iChat who has a camera and see them. Even though i don't have a camera myself.

    Basically, my mac at work doesnt have a camera, my macbook at home does.

    So i want to be able to talk to the missus and be able to see her from work. Is this possible or do i need a camera to do it?

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    No, you can do a one way video chat...

    She has to initiate the chat with you by right clicking you in the buddy list and then hitting 'invite to one-way video chat' (or something like that).

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    Aptmunich is right as usual. I do Video Chat all the time with friends who do not have a camera, they can see me but of course I can not see them. Give it a try. It will work.

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