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Thread: Strange URL in my address bar.

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    Strange URL in my address bar.
    Good Morning All, after accidentally downloading the browser 'OPERA' (which i can't get rid of in spite of purchasing The App Cleaner and uninstaller) every time I open Safari get the following in the address bar. Any idea what this is and how I can get rid of it. Plus my display has altered when I go onto YouTube. Instead of a side bar I get a whole load of thumb nails underneath the main screen. It's really weird. And I keep getting a popup from Mac-cleaner asking to do s scan. None of this happened before getting the OPERA on my Mac. Any help appreciated.

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    I think that what you have picked up is a piece of malware. Malwarebytes for Mac should get rid of it for you with just the free trial version. It also wouldn't hurt to go to Safari Preferences>General tab and make sure your home page is set the way you want it. While there go to the Extensions tab and see if there are any suspicious extensions left and uninstall them if necessary.

    Edit: Where did you download the opera browser from? I downloaded it recently to have an emergency browser and didn't pick up anything like you are describing.

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    App Cleaner is available here, Is this the version you have?
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