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Thread: Keynote's "Automatically play upon open" isn't working

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    Keynote's "Automatically play upon open" isn't working
    I'm inserting some movie files into a Keynote presentation.

    When I set it to automatically play on open, it doesn't do anything. I still need to select it twice (once to get to the slide and once to get it to play), and when I deselect the auto-play option, it still acts the same.

    Thoughts? SO frustrating!

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    Which version of Keynote? Assuming a recent version, drop your movie on the slide. Select it and click on the Animate tab in the Inspector. Make sure you have Start Movie selected under the Build In option. Then click on the Build Order button at the bottom of the Inspector window.

    In the Build Order window, select the video and from the Start options choose After Transition and then choose any delay.

    Your movie should then auto start after the slide appears.

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