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Thread: More problems with Photos - will not open

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    More problems with Photos - will not open
    I had a hell of a time with Photos recently, because I downloaded lots of pics into a Time Machine version of Photos instead of my regular one (or something like that.) With a lot of help from this forum, I was able to save all the pics and transfer them to where they needed to be.
    This was a few months ago.

    Now, however, I'm trying to open my Photos, but when I click on the icon, all I get is the whirling "wait" icon, showing that it's loading, or looking for a library. But it never does - it whirls continuously til I have to Force Close it. Now I can't see any of my Photos library.

    Any ideas what is going on?

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    Maybe you can try the handy dandy Photos library repair tool?
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    Bob -
    thanks, but that did not work. No list of choices came up - just started the whiling again.


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    Do you have a back up? If so, go back to before you had problems and restore Photos from there. I take it that you have done a reboot. Only other thing is that you may have multiple libraries. Quit Photos if open (I presume not) >hold down the Option key, then open Photos. The libraries will be displayed. Choose one.

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