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Thread: Annoying Safari feature

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    Annoying Safari feature
    Apologies if this is not not considered a Mac OS issue.

    Of course Safari came with my iMac, and I think it's an excellent browser, the one I like to use as default. However,on a update awhile ago, Safari introduced a feature I don't like at all; whenever I open on a site, Safari brings up a page with all photos and other 'unnecessary' bits of the page removed, leaving a page of text.. I don't like that, and want to disable that feature.

    I have not been able to find a solution online. As a result I stopped using Safari almost entirely; today I use Firefox mainly, but also have Chrome and Opera.

    I have some other issues, but do my best to find a solution myself before asking a question here. I don't want to waste your time. Currently I'm challenged by the learning curve I'm on with Mac; helps keep my mind active. (I've turned 70)---fortunately for me, I love new technology.

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    Moved here to the correct forum "Apps and Games".

    We are going to need some information: Which version of macOS are you using and which version of Safari?

    Make sure you do not have any Safari extensions that are loading: Safari -> Preferences -> Extensions. Remove the checkmark from any that are listed and then restart Safari.

    Also... do you have the Safari "Develop" menu item turned on? There are options listed under the Develop menu that will display what you're experiencing. If you do have that turned on, turn off any items that you may have selected under the Develop menu.

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    Another quick response, thanks. It's 10.17 am Thursday here, what is your time?

    Sorry about missing details,will make sure I include such thing sin future:

    iMac; High Sierra version 10.13

    Safari: 11.11. (13605.2.8)

    There are no extensions on Safari.

    Wasn't even aware of Developer menu as it's hidden by default, so I've never seen it.. Worked out how to get it to show on menu bar, and had a look, including experimental features. Have no idea what I'm looking for.. I'm assuming it's one on the list of disable features (?)

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    Since you didn't have that menu showing I doubt if that is the source of the problem. Just in case go to the Develop menu and make sure the "Disable Graphics option is not checked.

    I doubt this is the issue but here is something to check:

    1. Launch Safari and open its Preferences.
    2. Click on the Websites section at the top.
    3. Select "Reader" from the options at the left. If the sites listed there are some of them giving you trouble, switch them to off.

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    Hi Boomer47

    Is it anything like this:


    This is what it should default to, but you see where the red arrow is pointing, if you click on that, it removes everything extraneous and you get this: just text and embedded pictures if there are any.


    Just a thought; quite possibly way off beam.


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    Thanks Ian, but no. There is no header or menu bar. Almost always just text. However, for the first time, there was a picture of Angelina Jolie from Huff Post US today. Didn't mind that, she's aging well.

    Tried to upload screenshot, but it seems to have disappeared.


    /Users/glendonnellan/Desktop/Screen Shot 2018-07-06 at 7.09.57 am.png

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