I have just copied all of my excel spreadsheets to Numbers so I can use them across 4 mac devices on iCloud.
Numbers has a number of restrictions compared to Excel but this one is frustrating. (Like another post I made regarding find and replace of a selected block of cells and not the complete spreadsheet.)

Numbers only deletes rows and columns.
I need to delete a block of cells.
Lets say I have a spreadsheet with 30 columns and 30 rows.
I select column 4 through to 10 and rows 20 to 25.
How can I delete this block of cells and the cells on either side move accordingly.
In Excel it asked if you want to move the remaining cells up or down - left or right.
Then moved them so things would line up again.

I'm currently cutting and pasting cells into the correct place after deleting the block in Numbers and its very time consuming and fraught with danger.