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Thread: What's Happening to My Junk Email?

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    What's Happening to My Junk Email?
    My junk folder is no longer loading junk emails - and I think all my junk is going into my regular inbox. Usually my junk folder is filled daily ?? Is there a way to fix this for my bigpond account Explain slowly if you can help me ... I'm not great at computers !! Ugg !! so thats why i contact to the bigpond tech support number but they told that you problem will fix wih in an hour but i still have this problem
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    I've turned your post into a new thread of its own. The thread that you attached it to was almost six years old and it sounds like you are having a different problem from the user who started that thread.

    We need a little more information before taking a guess at solving this problem. Here are a couple of questions that come to mind:
    1. What version of macOS are you using? You can find this information by going to the Apple menu in the upper left corner of the screen and choose "About This Mac". Hot down the information there and let us know what it says. We don't need to know the startup disk, grapics card, or serial number.

    2. Are you using the Mail program included with your Mac or are you using a different program?

    3. Do you have any mail rules set up for sorting your email?

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