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    iMovie - Out of Memory
    This may have been answered before, but the search I ran didn't come up with anything useful.

    Apologies in advance if this is a simple question.

    I have a mid-year 2015 Macbook Pro 13" running iMovie, and a 8-10 TB Seagate external HD. I also have a smaller external HD that i perform weekly Time Machine back ups. I'm writing this away from my Mac, but it either has the 256-512 GB HD.

    iMovie is located on the MacBook Pro. I import the media needed for my films into iMovie. I have a lot of photos and audio on the MacBook Pro. Each time I complete a film, I inevitably run into "Low Memory" warnings. All my source video clips are saved on the 8-10TB external hard drive.

    Question, how should i setup either my MacBook Pro or iMovie so I can leave my finished projects on iMovie and not run out of memory on the MacBook? Should I consider another setup or additional gear?

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    Once a week is not frequently enough to run Time Machine.

    I builds 'snapshopts' which are stored on the hard drive until the external is connected and the backup takes place. For weekly backup suggest cloning software such as SuperDuper or CarbonCopyCloner.
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    Once a week is not frequently enough to run Time Machine.

    Hmmm… scratch head here, but what has TM got to do with the OPs question and problem??? Or are its 'snapshopts' taking up all the available drive space while it's not running??

    And BTW, is it a lack of memory or drive space that's the actual problem??? I'm suspecting it's the latter.

    - Patrick

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    @videom, just to get the definitions all in order, the empty space on your hard drive or SSD is called "storage." The total amount of RAM in your system is the "memory." If iMovie is reporting out of memory, then the space on your drives has nothing to do with it. On the other hand, if the actual error message is about storage, then it could be the drives.

    As harryb2448 said, if you leave TM in the "automatic" mode and don't have the target drive attached, it will make snapshots on the internal hard drive or SSD, then when the target drive is attached, those snapshots are used to build the backup on that drive and finally deleted. So your internal drive can be filling up with those snapshots, particularly if you do a lot of video work with large files.

    But before we get into the weeds too far, how about telling us what is really going on in a bit more detail? And how much memory does the MBP have? You didn't give that in the first post.

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