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    Recommend an affordable OCR PDF Converter
    Iím looking for a workable yet affordable PDF Converter that can convert my scanned PDF and images into editable word document, I learned that to convert the scanned PDF and images should use OCR technology. But Acrobat creative cloud is astronomically expensive $80/mo per computer...
    After some search in google, I found these two PDF tool seems can perform scanned PDF to editable document, and the price are affordable to me:
    Cisdem PDF Converter OCR, start from $49.99:

    Prizmo also $49.99:

    I read some reviews about them, seems Prizmo doesnít work well on images, and Cisdem can perform PDF and images perfectly conversion, but some files format may be not same as original exactly, still have to do some edit(if not so much, I think itís acceptable).

    My question is, any one may have used these two apps, or do you have any other apps recommendation? Thank you very much.

    Both are available on Mac App Store, so itís safe to get, right?

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    Found it on stacksoical:
    Seems a great deal. I am going to invest it….

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    I would advise you to be very careful doing business with Stack Social. We have received numerous complaints about them and their dealings. Do business with them at your own risk.

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    I’m looking for a workable yet affordable PDF Converter that can convert my scanned PDF and images into editable word document,

    I would suggest you heed chscag's advice wisely based on his Mac knowledge and experience, even if he tends to tread and comment lightly.

    My advice would be to do some checking at sites like this and also check user comments for such apps here:

    - Patrick

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    I would give the same caution about I have had some dodgy downloads from them and no longer visit that site because of that. They "bundled" some unwanted stuff in with what I wanted. So it's ok to read the comments, but get the software from somewhere else more trustworthy.

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    Did you look in the macOS App Store? They have some free versions/trials.
    -- Bob --
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