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    Quote Originally Posted by chscag View Post
    As far as I'm aware, Sparsebundle backups are not bootable. Regular Time Machine backups are bootable and will boot the machine using EFI.
    That's what I thought as well but I wasn't sure. Didn't want to give out the wrong information.

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    I use Chronosync to keep two systems synchronized for certain folders, but don't use it for backups so I cannot answer the question about sparsebundles and exactly how it does work. I do use Carbon Copy Cloner to copy files onto a networked drive structure and it does put them there in a "useable" format just like it would to a directly attached drive. I presume SuperDuper would work in a similar fashion. What I have set up is a scheduled clone of certain folders from my internal drive to a folder on the networked drive. I have it set to run what CCC calls "safety net" that keeps the changed files in a separate folder so that if I want/need to go back to an older version I can get it from those historical files. In my case, it's NOT bootable because I don't clone the entire drive, just the specific folders I want to store on the network drive. The one thing you need to be careful about with CCC, if you should decide to use it, is that if you let it, CCC will eliminate anything on the destination that is not on the source drive. I turned that function OFF because I just wanted to clone folders, not the entire drive, so I wanted the rest of the stuff on the destination to be left alone. It's not difficult, but something to think about as you start with CCC.

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    I'll dig into CCC then. Thank you all for the clear and very exhaustive answers

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