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Thread: emails on MBP

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    emails on MBP
    I was not sure where to post this....

    I have 3 email gmail accounts. iCloud I do not use.

    I see an archives folder which seems to contain same emails in my accounts. I have never set my emails to archive! If I delete the archives folder will all my emails be deleted?

    And smart folder.have never used that. What is it for?

    Then there important folders one for each email.

    Then I unhid on my mac only to find folder recovered messages.

    And in some cases there is a starred folder.

    My question is: does the archive, important, recovered messages and starred folders actually contain copies
    of what is in each email address or is it just a link to the original location.

    I see that I can hide all but the archives folder. And that is what I should probably do to lessen confusion.
    just wanted to know if all my emails were being duplicated into various folders...which I highly doubt but am checking.


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    From what i understand, those folders you are referring to does not contain a copy but a link to the original email. If they were duplicate emails they would eat up your storage space.

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