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    .ncc files from oldie nokia phone
    Hi all.

    Im really desperate to open this quite old files (2003- 2004) that found on an old mac. They might contain treasures I have been looking for years.

    Can anybody help please, please?


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    Welcome to our forums.

    Those files are likely proprietary Nokia files made by Nokia software when used with your old Mac. Most cell phones back in that day used their own software to transfer contacts, music, and other data to a Windows or Mac computer. Most older cell phones would only work with Windows and not the Mac operating system. Sorry we can't be of more help but perhaps if you search the Nokia site or do some googling you may come up with something.

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    Hi Alf

    As Admin chscag said, this is a difficult problem. My recollection of the hazy days of having a Nokia, is that there was a Nokia-PC Suite by which you could transfer data to/from the Nokia and a PC.

    It might be possible, then, to get that data over to the Mac.

    However, there seem to be other possibilities and my brief encounter with Mr Google came up with these remotely possible solutions:

    Like chscag, I'm really sorry we can't be more helpful particularly on your first visit here.


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