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    how to remove Markup from document permanently
    I'm emailing proposals for a book and just discovered that the tracked changes are still there. I've removed Markup and saved it with each one but it's not going away. How do you do this permenantly from a Word document? Very concerned as I may have really blundered this badly.


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    Thanks. There must be a lot of things I have never used, and until I acquired an editor, never thought of this. Thing is, I can ask word in the Help tab, as I have in so many other situations, and it doesn' t have the answer.

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    Back to this problem. I have to be sure Markups are not in my paper but Track Changes and Accept are gray, non active. I'm closing the document and saving with Final and all the items in Show Markup unchecked yet when I come back I find it in Final Showing Markup with all edits showing. I did find Accept after a while but it just tells me that there are no comments to accept. What's causing these to be inactive and how can I make them active so that I'm sure none of my editing shows up in the paper?

    I'm using Office/Word 2011, MacBook Pro, Yosemite.

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