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    Hello all; sorry if this is in the wrong place but I'm still pretty new here!

    Right! I have my iMac (brand new, can still smell the New Mac Smell!) and I have put on two user accounts, mine and my partner's. We have an Apple ID each and our own music. I have iTunes Match and she doesn't. The other day I downloaded all her purchases to her own account. It did say something about this computer already being paired with an Apple ID (mine) and if i continued I wouldn't be able to download any music using my Apple ID for 90 days; but as usual I ignored it and went ahead with her download.

    Now here's the problem! I have all my music in iCloud, not saved to this mac and therefore, I can't play any of my stuff! None of it!

    Is there a fix or am I just a muppet?

    Help much appreciated!

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    UNIX and by extension OSX is more than capable of handling multiple users, however the same cannot be said for iTunes and its Cloud-based service.
    It sees a Mac or PC as one device, regardless of how many users have their own accounts on it.
    So... unfortunately, you can only use one Apple ID on a device every 90 days with iTunes in the Cloud.


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