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    Are there any programs where I can compress something to a certain size?
    So, I'm wondering if there are any programs which let me determine how large I want my video to be and then to compress accordingly. For example, if I have a 1GB limit on a video size for an upload site, I want a program that let's me compress a video to 1GB so I can have it be as un-compressed as possible.

    Does such a thing exist?

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    What format does the site want?

    You can set a size limit with the open source handbrake, but it outputs to mp4 and mpv by default
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    It has to be flash video or quicktime. Any other ideas?

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    If the site's limit is 1GB and you are having trouble with that, either your video is WAY too long or your video is WAY to high-rez for their purposes (or has WAY too high a data rate). I don't know of any program that will do what you're asking, but you can experiment with the data rate for starters. There's no reason a short video should be that huge.

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    I guess my intutition is that the less compressed the file, the better it will be. I dont know if I'd necessarily notice any discernible difference between Compressor's Youtube sharing preset and doing it another way where the file size is larger (and therefore in my mind less compressed.)

    let me know if im thinking of this the wrong way. now that i've gotten into filmmaking, there are so many technical facets to learn more about!

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