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    App Compatibility with OS X Lion 10.7
    A great site for checking on LIon app compatibility can be found here:

    Mac OS X Lion Application Compatibility - RoaringApps

    Also feel free to use this thread to list your own experiences.
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    My only issue so far has been with BBC iPlayer - so this might effect UK users only.

    BBC iPLayer opens but displays no main window - I had to delete the iPlayer prefs file and then all worked fine.
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    My Dad is gonna have a huge problem once all his Appleworks Databases refuse to open… he has been warned
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    Way... way too many specs to list.
    So it's here..

    Installing Office 2008 IS possible in Lion, despite Rosetta's absence. How? Simple, don't use the GUI. Use installer (the CLI program) instead.

    sudo installer -package /Volumes/Office\ 2008/Office\ Installer.mpkg -target /

    Tested and works. Office update works as well. All applications launch, I have not tested anything beyond this at this point.
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    Nice tip, Dysfunction!

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    Issues with audio with Lion
    I am having issues with audio controls. Blog said till fix comes to plug in headphone and remove .. this restores audio control in Macbook Pro ..needs to be done each time you restart ... BUT with cinema display .. sound reverts to computer and only briefly comes from display after you set it through settings .. any resolutions?

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    Unhappy PowerPC Apps?
    I am such an idiot. I foolishly just downloaded Lion and installed it without doing a back-up first. I know, crazy right? Now 1 of my apps doesn't work. This app is called barfly and it is basically for transcribing music on a Mac. It is the best app of its kind for the mac, although pretty basic and now I can't use it. I can't even go back in time to go back to Leopard. What are my options now? Can I back everything up that I need and then do a clean install of OS X 10.6? Or can I partition my hard drive to run both OS X 10.6 and 10.7? If so, can I partition from Lion without losing everything, or would I have to wipe everything clean to do a partition? I am a complete idiot. I know.

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    Thumbs down Audio issues with Lion OSX
    I have downloaded the update 10.7.1 but the issue of no sound through the Display continues. When the Display is selected it plays briefly then resets to the Laptop speakers. I have no longer have a music system.

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    Check if your apps will work BEFORE upgrading.
    I wrote a script that checks if your installed apps are compatible with lion. Get it at

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    Thumbs down Mac OSX Lion 10.7 sound install glitch
    Quote Originally Posted by OberVA1 View Post
    I have downloaded the update 10.7.1 but the issue of no sound through the Display continues. When the Display is selected it plays briefly then resets to the Laptop speakers. I have no longer have a music system.
    I have recently acquired an iMac with Mac OSX Lion 10.7 installed. Often, when I switch on, the sound system does not install. If I restart it will then install. I am new to Macs. What's the fix?

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    What happened to to the Mac App compatibility table at It seems to be empty now....

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    Big Bang Chess.....

    A relative bought me a new, shiny, iMac operating on Lion, of course, a couple of weeks ago. Migrated from my previous machine (running SL). All went swimmingly. (for American readers, it means that it went well).

    Excitement for me is an occasional battle over the BB chess board, I have played quite often on this shiny bit of gear.

    Last night, I though I'd try the email option - sending the game to a pal, and Big Bang Chess crashed on me. A number of times....

    Today, a message comes up saying that the program 'gnu chess' is a PowerPC one and is not supported.

    Investigation on the web suggests that BB Chess actually won't work on Lion. Yet it did. How weird is that?

    It seems that Freeverse have lost interest in it. Does anyone have a recommendation as a replacement for it, please?

    Cheers Mitcherooney

    PS And if anyone can shed light on why it did work before and not now, I'd be interested.

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