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    Parental Controls Block Netflix Streaming
    I have a MacBook Pro which I set up profiles for each of my children on. I have used the parental controls option in the System Preferences with which I have been very happy with in its ability to restrict access to content. One place I do allow my children to go is to the Netflix site where they stream video from the instant watching section. I added the Netflix web URL to the allowed section and they can browse the Netflix site and add/remove movies from the queue but when they try streaming I get an error message:

    Internet Connection Problem
    Error Code: N8106-106

    An Internet or home network connection problem is preventing playback.
    Please check your internet connection and try again.

    I can stream video from Netflix fine on my profile and when I shut off parental control on my childrens' profiles they can stream as well but I get this error every time I turn the parental control back on. Usually when my kids go to a restricted site or a site I have not pre approved Safari provides a message noting so. I don't get the standard "blocked" message from the browser, it appears to be a Netfilx error message but I have tracked it back to the parental controls.

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    See if this gives you some help - link - (Apple's board is down right now, but should be back up soon).
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    Did you ever figure out how to fix the problem? I just upgraded my kids Mac last night from 10.4 to 10.6 and now they cant get netflix with the parental controls on either! Its frustrating! Help!!!

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    Just a hunch, but it might require allowing Silverlight as an approved application, as that's the engine that Netflix uses to play videos.

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